CNRS-IPSL offers 1000€ grants (contribution to travel and subsistence T&S costs) for scientific visitors that would like to conduct research at the SIRTA Observatory. This applies to (young) scientists that would like to benefit from training or (senior) scientists that want to take advantage of the rich observation environment to conduct their research project.

ACTRIS TNA grants target the fallowing users:

  • Scientists wanting to conduct research pertaining to aerosols, clouds, trace gases, atmospheric radiation and dynamics, water vapor and precipitation, Lidar and radar remote sensing, other remote sensing and in-situ instruments
  • Training for young scientists
  • SME for instruments tests
  • New or existing collaborations
  • Users external to ACTRIS (also ouside Europe)
  • Calibration activities

Follow this procedure (2-6 months prior to your visit)

  1. Contact the SIRTA access provider to state that you would like to request TNA support. Send an email to Martial Haeffelin ( ) (email subject line should include the words “ACTRIS TNA”)
  2. Go to ACTRIS page to download TNA proposal document
  3. Return the completed form by email to the Coordination Office ( ) at least 6 weeks before the planned project start
  4. Contact IPSL to prepare your travel to SIRTA

Important information regarding reimbursement of your T&S costs:

  • Budget for visitors will be 1000€ per visitor per project for a minimum of 8 access days
  • Young scientist budget: 91€ per diem (incl. Hotel and meals) x 8 = 728€ + 272€ max for transport
  • Senior scientist budget: 120€ per diem (incl. Hotel and meals) x 6 = 720€ + 280€ max for transport
  • Visitors must provide: original lodging invoice (hotel or any other rental) + original invoices for all transport costs (plane, train, bus, metro).

After your visit
The project PI is requested to provide all mandatory TNA reporting documents within a reasonable time frame after the TNA has come to end to the Coordination office including the following documents:

  • Confirmation of access justifying the quantity of access provided
  • TNA user report
  • Scientific activity report

Additionally, any results from work carried out under the ACTRIS-2 TNA activity (e.g., publications, conference contributions) must be reporting to the Coordination office and must acknowledge the project and support of the European Community as follows:

This [infrastructure] [insert type of result] is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109.

Access must be trans-national; 20% limit to users outside EU MS+AS; dissemination of TNA results is mandatory (except for SMEs)